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Webcam bois

So you want to be a webcam slave ?

I understand, but My primary interest is training real-life bois and I can only spare a limited amount of time on webcam slaves. So in general – you can probably find a better webcam Master elsewhere.

I DO keep a small stable of very special webcam slut bois but you need to be young and skinny and pretty for it to be worth My while, and you have to do your job - which is to get Me off.

You also need to be completely obedient – webcam slavery is all about humiliation and I will expect you to follow all orders and humiliate you merclessly.

I will make u dance for Me and wear panties and fuk yourself with a dildo and piss on yourself while a chat room full of dirty old men laugh at you – just so you know ahead of time.

You will be expected to milk yourself for Me and lick it up every time.

We both know you can't really train a boi over webcam, so as far as I am concerned you are just porn and all you are good for is to get Me off - if you turn your cam off before you get Me off you are worthless and I won't be talking to you again.

If you think you have what it takes contact Me. I will expect you to get some inexpensive supplies:

Cord or Long shoelaces
Magic marker or Lipstick (to write on yourself)
Long candles (for use as dildos)
Vaseline or baby oil
A Belt
A Bowl
Nice extras:
A Mask
Bras, Panties, Stockings
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